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The Korvani

History: As the Lichlord began his war with (Main human society), a group of them departed for the plains, to serve as skirmishers and scouts. Over the last 1000 years or so, they have developed their own society, and would not return to (Main human society), even if they could. They maintain relations with (Main human society), via trade, and they also watch the ogres for any signs of a major offensive. If they see something, riders are dispatched to warn (Main human society). So, in a way, they continue to perform the duties they were given 1000 years ago.

Society: Korvani society is divided into clans. There is a certain amount of rivalry between the clans, but the presence of the ogres has kept that from spilling over into open warfare. Each clan is headed by (insert title of clan leader), who is most often a Druid, Ranger, or Sorcerer, or some combination of the three. (Ranger/Druids are the most common.) The clan leader makes all decisions, although he does tend to have an informal group that advises him (or her, Korvani society does not have defined gender roles) Most Korvani tend the herds of horses that they raise for trade stock. They do have farmers, who are skilled in growing crops in a short time.

Combat: Korvani are natural riders, so encountering them on foot is unlikely. They prefer to employ shortspears and composite shortbows, while moving constantly, taking care to break any enemy formations before the can form.. Spellcasters tend to move right through the fray while casting instead of hanging back. The Korvani encountered on foot are most likely barbarians, who prefer longspears. Swords are uncommon, but not unheard of, though any one carrying one is likely to be a very skilled warrior. A band of 12 Korvani are usually comprised of 1-5 Rangers of various levels, 1 or 2 Druids and/or Sorcerers, and 2-3 Fighters with the remainder being Warriors.

Class: Korvani prefer the Ranger, Druid, and Sorcerer classes, and most leaders are one of the 3. Barbarians are also fairly common. Bards are held in very high esteem, and serve the clan as loremasters, since a detailed written history doesn’t exist. Rogues tend to serve as traders and spies when dealing with outsiders, while Fighters make up the bulk of ranking military types.

Game Rule Information
As base human, except as follows:
+2 to Ride and Survival. The Korvani are excellent riders, most having been riding since before they could walk, and the sparse plains of their homeland have made them adept at living off the land and very good trackers.
Class Restriction: Korvani can never become Wizards, Monks, Clerics, or Paladins.
The sedentary ways of Wizards and Monks are unfathomable to the nomadic Korvani. The religion of the Korvani is more about being in tune with nature than about beseeching distant beings, so all Korvani Priests are druids.
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good job man but what's up with the (insert title of clan leader)?
I want to come up with a actual title and I haven't yet, and I didn't want to wait to post them.
oh ok I thought it was something like that