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Death... Another deity for the pantheon?

So, everyone, let me know what you think of this writeup for the deity of death.

Aquila Viator (Dark Messenger/Traveller in Latin) is Neutral. She is the favored deity of those who face certain death, as well as a small cult of necromancers who work in the Academy in Kurunosse. Others tend to worship her out of respect, for she represents the one absolute in the world. Warriors have been known to beseech her for a quick death when it looks certain.

She is an aloof deity. It is said that the only time that she appears is to those whom are fated to die. As a result, no one knows what she looks like. Without a definite account of her appearance, the popular image for her is that of a veiled widow, dressed in mourning black. Rumor has it that she is so beautiful, that when you see her face, you fall in love so quickly, so deeply, that you pass over. Some have claimed that they've seen her, but were told by her that they were not yet done, and were sent back.

She is attended by a group of four Solars. They are neither malignent nor divine. One or another has been seen over the years, yet never have all four been seen together. It is said that if all four are ever seen at the same time, it will signal the end of the world. For this reason, the Solars are referred to as the Dark Angels of the End.

Aquila's domains are Death, Destruction, and Healing. She is the ruler of the gate to the afterlife, and has the power to determine whose time it is to go. Her favored weapon is a scythe, which she uses to "reap" souls to the afterlife.
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