Alex (mfsfreak) wrote in janusarwyth,

What is it this time?

What happen with the game setting? why do we always stop when things start to go good? it would be nice to see it started up again.
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My theory is that everyone loves the idea of making a game setting, but not the process of actually getting anything done.
I think I have to agree with you on that
I think it has something to do with the fact that we don't pace ourselves properly. We work on it furiously for a couple of weeks, doing nothing else. After that, we kind of go into creative burnout, where can't think of anything, so it sits for awhile, while we recover. I wouldn't mind getting back to it myself.
I agree. It WOULD be nice to see things pick up on this again. However, I think Aron is right. We have to pace ourselves. Part of my problem is that I am trying to work out ideas for a campaign.

Obviously, since the demise of the Monday game, the seafaring game is basically stillborn. I like it, and may still use it. However, I'm not going to force it.

What do you suggest we work on next? What needs to be worked on?
we still have to finish the races
You're in charge. I've done elves; Brad's done dwarves, and Aron's done nomadic humans. What else is there to do?
well there's the orges that you said you had to do and of course the half ogres that once again you said that you had to do and I think that Brad and E both said that they still had a little more work to do on there races
Ogres and half-ogres. *Looks in Dragonlance 3e book*

Done. :) (Seriously, there's nothing about the half-ogres to do. The race from the DLCS WILL suffice. As for the ogres, I'll work on them when I get time, which should be easier now that I'm caught up on logs.)
ok cool
can you post the stats on the half ogres?
Tomorrow, perhaps. THey're nothing terribly amazing. They're a +1 Lvl Adj race.