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The Pantheon

Ok here is the basic setup of the Pantheon.

At the top there is the one true deity which only the lesser ones know about (I havn't got a name for him), which is in turn served by 1000s of the lesser deities.

Of the lesser deities about 10 or so came to the world to serve it as gods or/and protectors. Of the ones that came to the world one of them was corrupt, and he was able to corrupt a few more of them to his evil way. When the deities came into the world the brought with them a host of celestials. The Dark deity was able to corrupt alot of the celestials for his own service which are now known as fiends. The neutral deities stay in the same place as the good deities but it is known that they will use celestials and fiends which ever serves thier perpose.

Also I was wondering what everyone thinks about the planes as in which ones are in this world
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