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Day 18 or so in Stahl

It has been not a month since we have entered this land and yet we have done so much. We have temporarily stopped a crime lord, ran through dungeons of a lost knigdom, faced a avator of a dark god, helped a forgotten god, and helped with some other minor affairs with the city of Stahl. Now we stand here attempting to either stop a simple drug ring or a full invasion of the city. We are not sure yet what is going to happen.

The past few days have been a blur. I have tracked down the hub of the operations to a inn, of sorts, in the housing projects that were privately funded by the Countess Ellissa. It seems that her and the Duke are the brains behind the operation of Tol Var. Although, some information has lead to another person, Oblic. I believe that is the spelling of the name, but I am not sure.

But the past few days have not been all business though. The relationship between me and Melissa has begun to bloom. I treated her to a candle light dinner on the roof of her inn and bought some new clothes for her. I swear that she had been wearing the same dresses since I arrived in Stahl. The relationship is going better than I excepted it to go. So, what I am about to ask of her brings a burden on my heart. I am going to send her into the Lion's Den, so to speak, to find out information about the Duke. If things go well, we will have information that links the Duke to the drug ring. If things go bad ... that is something that I wish not to think of.

But on to other news, there seems to be yet another new member to this world. Kurst, I believe that was his name, has join us as strangers in the city of Stahl. Whatever the forces my be, I don't know why they have picked this city to teleport people to. He seems to a odd fellow. Fights with a dagger that is attached to a strange handle. Odd fighting style, but he seems to fight quite well. I am sure that he will be a valuble assest to the group.

The morning rays are starting to peek over the city. I need to catch a little shut eye, I will need as much sleep as possible. I have to go talk to the blind guy, in the morning.
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